COVID - 19 & Appointments

As you know COVID poses a potentially serious health risk to all, and we are dedicated to monitoring and mitigating those risks by introducing certain processes to help protect our clients. It is therefore important that you are aware of how your appointment will differ compared with the more relaxed services we could all enjoy pre-COVID.

Arrival & Location
Our location is unchanged, we are based within the General Aviation (GA) Centre where the Chocks Away Diner is based, at Aviation Park, Chester Hawarden Airport. See here or here for our location and to get directions.

On arrival please provide your details to the security guard at the park entrance. You will then take the 2nd right (follow signs for the Chocks Away Diner) and keep driving along past the GA Centre until you pass through some large green gates and into the large car park at the end of the road next to the buiding. Please park in this car park.

Please enter the GA Centre at the main doors of the Chocks Away Diner, turn immediately left after entering and you should see the three leather sofas in our waiting area.  We will collect you from the waiting area, usually at the time of your appointment unless there has been a delay during the clinic. 

Medical Process
You do not have to wear a facemask during the medical assessment, however if you would prefer one, please ask us at the start of your assessment. Hand sanitiser is available in all rooms. Our staff will continue to wear facemasks where they are in contact with clients for over 15 minutes in the medical offices.

Payment is usually taken at the medical appointment and we can accept Chip & PIN cards, cash, and contactless payments with ApplePay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal App.

We hope that this information will help your medical go smoothly. We are still reviewing COVID-19 risks regularly and altering our processes in line with any risk changes locally and nationally. Your safety, as well as that of your family and community is our primary concern, and we remain committed to ethical and morale aeromedical practice and services to try and protect you.