CAA Medical Records
Replacement (Cellma)

The CAA has replaced its older software system and at the same time developed new online services for medical applicants to use. This is provisioned through the CAA Customer Portal, which offers secure online access to a range of their services, including Class 1/2/3/LAPL medical applications.

The new medical service is being called "Cellma" and its online digital application replaces historical paper-based medical application forms. We regret that paper-based medical applications cannot be accepted anymore.

Pilots and Air Traffic Control Officers will be required to select the "Medical Service" on the CAA Customer Portal and make their application through that. Once the application is "submitted" and the application fee (£15 for Class 1/3, £9 for Class 2/LAPL) is paid to the CAA then the AME can finally see the application and proceed to carry out the medical you arrange with them.

How do I get CAA Customer Portal Access?

Please click here to get guidance on how to gain a login and access to the CAA Customer Portal. We have been advised that it may take up to 10 working days to be granted access to the Customer Portal, so it may be wise to apply with plenty of time. Furthermore, there is some suggestion it may take a short time for your application to be available for the AME to use.

Where do I get help with all of this?

For any questions please refer to the CAA Website in the first instance or please call the CAA on 0330 022 1909 (option 1).

Due to the volume of our work, we regret we are unable to take phone calls in relation to difficulty with the CAA Customer Portal or application process – this is being directly supported by the UK CAA, and we do not have expertise in the Customer Portal ourselves.

How do I apply?

The CAA have produced a short guide regarding their new application system. Click to download: Cellma Applicant User Guide

What happens if I don't use Cellma and turn up for my medical?

Unfortunately, the CAA have advised all AMEs will be required to only carry out medical assessments after the applicant has successfully submitted their digital application form AND paid the CAA application fee to the Authority.

Therefore if you arrive at your medical without having successfully completed these steps, then your examination will not go ahead and the appointment is wasted. Please be mindful when booking your appointment and if you have not been able to submit your application and pay the CAA within 24 hours of your appointment, ask us to move it into the future for you. This is particularly important as there can be high demand for appointments at times.

Be advised, in the event that an appointment is wasted due to the applicant not submitting AND paying for their application, there will be a no-notice cancellation charge levied.

Can I get a copy of my last MED160 application form?

Yes you can. Please email the CAA and request this:
Please be advised that AMEs are Data Processors for your data, and so the request for copies must be put to the CAA themselves who are your Data Controller. There is more information on the CAA’s website at: